Tikka is a line of rifles, magazines and firearm accessories produced by SAKO and distributed by Beretta USA out of Accokeek, MD. The Tikka rifle is a bolt action masterpiece. Each Tikka firearm is engineered for specific shooting scenarios whether it be hunting the open range, urban tactical ops or varmint eradication, and offers the shooter a classic feel in a wide selection of calibers. Tikka rifles are second to none when it comes to accuracy and performance. Shop some of the world’s best hunting rifles, tactical rifles, sporting rifles and more. 

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Tikka rifles are the top choice of sportsmen all over the world. We carry the full line of Tikka products including the popular T3 rifle, and the brand new T1x. 



Browse our selection of Tikka rifles to find the best deals on popular models, including the Tikka T3x and T3, both of which are available in numerous variants. Second to none, Tikka rifles are durable and innovatively designed for superb accuracy and continuous performance in any condition or situation. Ultra-lightweight and superbly accurate, the Tikka precision rifle is a reliable companion in the forest and fields, or anywhere high-performance is your only option. Get to know our wide selection and find the right Tikka rifle for you from a variety of options like the TIKKA T3X LITE, TIKKA T1X, TIKKA T3X LITE ROUGHTECH and TIKKA T3X VARMINT.

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The Tikka T3x boasts guaranteed 1 MOA accuracy, a redesigned ejection port, new recoil pad, improved grip, and a modular stock which allows for multiple shooting positions. The Tikka T3 rifle is a bolt-action compact tactical long gun with a 10-round steel magazine and comes standard with a vertical angled grip for comfortable prone shooting. It has an innovative modular synthetic stock for compatibility to any operator, as well as interchangeable pistol grips, an impact-reducing recoil pad, a widened angular ejection port, and a crisp, clean trigger with a fast lock time

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The Tikka T1x is a rimfire rifle designed to carry out a variety of tasks. It comes equipped with a unique barrel that features a cross-over profile, offering the benefits and stability of a heavy barrel without noticeable increasing the weight. This rimfire rifle is second to non when it comes to quality, craftsmanship and accuracy. You can count on the T1x to perform perfectly both at the range, and in the field. Shop the new Tikka T1x rifle today and see what you’ve been missing!

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